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[pdf] CheckPoint 156-215.80 Exam Pdf Dumps

[pdf] CheckPoint 156-315.80 Exam Pdf Dumps

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CheckPoint’s Practice Exams

CheckPoint provides practical exams for CCSA and CCSE certification exams. Each practice exam is part of the actual exam. Each question is accompanied by the correct answer.

  1. 156-215.80 Check Point Certified Security Administrator
  2. 156-315.80 Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) R80

CheckPoint CCSA 156-215.80 Exams | Latest exam practice questions 1-5

When an encrypted packet is decrypted, where does this happen?
A. Security policy
B. Inbound chain
C. Outbound chain
D. Decryption is not supported
Correct Answer: A

Which information is included in the “Extended Log” tracking option, but is not included in the “Log” tracking option?
A. file attributes
B. application information
C. destination port
D. data type information
Correct Answer: B

There are 4 ways to use the Management API for creating host objects with R80 Management API. Which one is NOT
A. Using Web Services
B. Using Mgmt_cli tool
C. Using CLISH
D. Using SmartConsole GUI console
Correct Answer: C

Harriet wants to protect sensitive information from intentional loss when users browse to a specific URL:, which blade will she enable to achieve her goal?
B. SSL Inspection
C. Application Control
D. URL Filtering
Correct Answer: A
Check Point revolutionizes DLP by combining technology and processes to move businesses from passive detection to
active Data Loss Prevention. Innovative MultiSpectTM data classification combines user, content, and process
information to make accurate decisions, while UserCheckTM technology empowers users to remediate incidents in real
time. Check Point\\’s self-educating network-based DLP solution frees IT/security personnel from incident handling and
educates users on proper data handling policies–protecting sensitive corporate information from both intentional and
unintentional loss.

R80 is supported by which of the following operating systems: A. Windows only
B. Gaia only
C. Gaia, SecurePlatform, and Windows
D. SecurePlatform only
Correct Answer: B

CheckPoint CCSE 156-315.80 Exams | Latest exam practice questions 1-5

Which of the following Check Point processes within the Security Management Server is responsible for the receiving of
log records from Security Gateway?
A. logd
B. fwd
C. fwm
D. cpd
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is an identity acquisition method that allows a Security Gateway to identify Active Directory users
and computers?
A. UserCheck
B. Active Directory Query
C. Account Unit Query
D. User Directory Query
Correct Answer: B

How would you deploy TE250X Check Point appliance just for email traffic and in-line mode without a Check Point
Security Gateway?
A. Install appliance TE250X on SpanPort on LAN switch in MTA mode.
B. Install appliance TE250X in standalone mode and setup MTA.
C. You can utilize only Check Point Cloud Services for this scenario.
D. It is not possible, always Check Point SGW is needed to forward emails to SandBlast appliance.
Correct Answer: C

Which VPN routing option uses VPN routing for every connection a satellite gateway handles?
A. To satellites through center only
B. To center only
C. To center and to other satellites through the center
D. To the center, or through the center to other satellites, to the Internet and other VPN targets
Correct Answer: D

Check Point APIs allow system engineers and developers to make changes to their organization\\’s security policy with
CLI tools and Web Services for all the following except:
A. Create new dashboards to manage 3rd party task
B. Create products that use and enhance 3rd party solutions
C. Execute automated scripts to perform common tasks
D. Create products that use and enhance the Check Point Solution
Correct Answer: A
Check Point APIs let system administrators and developers make changes to the security policy with CLI tools and web services. You can use an API to: Use an automated script to perform common tasks Integrate Check Point products
with 3rd party, solutions Create products that use and enhance the Check Point solution

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[pdf] CheckPoint 156-215.80 Exam Pdf Dumps

[pdf] CheckPoint 156-315.80 Exam Pdf Dumps

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