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Oracle Inventory Management Cloud 1z0-1023 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which statement is false about generating an Internal Material Transfer for expense destination Transfer Order?
A. Cost Management will pick up the delivery transaction directly from Receiving and process the expense accounting
from that transaction.
B. Expense destination transfers are expensed upon delivery hitting an expense account Instead of an inventory asset
account as would be the case for inventory destination transfers.
C. If the receipt is required, then accounting of the receipt delivery transaction will happen Only in Receipt Accounting
because there will not be a delivery transaction in inventory.
D. Costs for Lot and serial numbers are tracked at put away time when the items are recorded in a destination inventory
Correct Answer: A


Your customer has a requirement across their 10 warehouses, each with different users. They would like that whenever
a warehouse user logs in, their default warehouse should net populated. How will you achieve this?
A. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_WHSE_ID at user level for each user.
B. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_ORG_ID at site level.
C. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_ORG_ID at user level for each user.
D. Set the profile option INV_DF.FAULT_WHSE_ID at role level (different roles for different warehouses).
E. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_ORG_ID at role level for each role (different roles for different warehouses).
F. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_WHSE_ID at site level.
Correct Answer: C

Your customer is managing a large sales team divided in two different geographies in the USA. They have the East
Coast sales team and the Central sales team. Both teams are handled by one manager and perform the same function.
You customer wants to track the expenses of the two teams separately; however, they do not consider them different as
they are handled by one manager only.
How will you fulfill the requirement?
A. Define them as a single department and two separate cost centers.
B. Define them as two separate departments and a single cost center.
C. It is not possible to fulfill the requirement.
D. Define them as one department and one cost center.
Correct Answer: A


Your client has decided that Discrete Manufacturing will be Implemented at a future stage, so any new supply from
current manufacturing will be added to current inventory by the Open Transactions Interface. The immediate
requirement is to go live with Inventory and Order Management.
Which two seeded transaction types can be omitted for material status control?
A. Backflush Subinventory Transfer
B. All Transaction Types Related to Work in Process
C. All Internal Transactions
D. Average Cost Update
E. Miscellaneous Issues and Receipts
Correct Answer: AB


Your customer has a complex financial reporting structure.
Which three elements should you define first in order to form basis for this reporting?
A. Managerial, Operational, and Industry
B. Tax, Legal, and Industry
C. Legal, Managerial, and Functional
D. Legal, Autonomy, and Operational
Correct Answer: C


What does the system do if you have not entered a count for a tag during physical inventory process?
A. It will consider the current system quantity.
B. Any adjustment will be rejected.
C. You will not be able to post without a quantity for every tag.
D. It will adjust your on-hand balances down to zero quantity.
E. A warehouse person will be notified.
Correct Answer: D


Which execution document is created by supply chain orchestration when a make request is received?
A. Work Older
B. Routing Create
C. Purchase Order
D. Movement Request
E. Transfer Order
Correct Answer: A


Your customer wants you to restrict the values of Receivables Transaction Type for their three business units. You
created three reference data sets for each business unit. However, the user is still able to see the values in the
Transaction Type list of values which are not defined in the business unit data set.
What is the reason for this behavior?
A. The user has multiple Business Unit Roles and, therefore is able to see additional values.
B. Reference Data Sets cannot be used uniquely across business units. They can only be used at the Legal Entity
C. Receivables Transaction Types are common across business units.
D. The user is seeing the values defined in the common set. The values should be removed from the common set.
Correct Answer: C


What are the four steps for the move request process flow?
A. Confirm pick slips
B. Run the Movement Request Pick Slip Report
C. Create shipment
D. Physically move the material
E. Run pick slip allocation
F. Create Movement Request
Correct Answer: ABDF


Reorder quantities for an item subinventory are calculated using Fixed Lot Multiple and Round Order Quantity. Assume
that the reorder quantity is 24 and you specify 10 for the fixed lot multiple and enable rounding the reorder quantity.
What will be the reorder quantity?
A. 30
B. 24
C. 25
D. 20
Correct Answer: A
Example: Specifying the Fixed Lot MultipleAssume that the reorder quantity is 24. If you specify 10 for the fixed lot
multiple and enable rounding the reorder quantity, the reorder quantity is rounded up to 30. If you disable rounding the
reorder quantity, the reorder quantity is rounded down to 20.


You need to load on-hand balances for go live. Which template should be used for this?
A. InventoryMiscellaneousTrxTemplate.xlsm
B. InventoryTransactionImportTemplate.xlsm
C. InventoryBalanceImportTTemplate.xlsm
D. InventoryReservationImportTemplate.xlsm
E. InventoryOnHandBalanceTemplate.xlam
Correct Answer: B

In the Back-to-Back (B2B) Order to Cash flow, ordered items are purchased from a supplier. The Sourcing Rules have
been defined for the item and the buy flow has been initiated. The sales order line is shown as Awaiting Shipping and
the supply line status is “In Purchasing” with the supply order generated but the purchase requisition not generating.
What is the reason?
A. Supply order is generated with exceptions.
B. Preparer is not valid.
C. The Sourcing rule is incorrect.
D. No Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) exists for this supplier-item combination.
E. Buy requests originate from Order Management.
Correct Answer: D


You have set up min-max planning at the subinventory level with the following to source item AS12312 for Organization:
Source Type: Organization
Organization: Ml
What type of supply request will be generated?
A. None; this is an invalid setup
B. Movement request
C. Internal Requisition
D. Intraorganization transfer order
E. Purchase Requisition
Correct Answer: A

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