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Here is the complete guide to new CCNA v3 exams. Its combination of two topics, one by CBTNugget and the other is by reddit. So read and watch it carefully and find out what is new in CCNA v3 and what should you do for upgrading your 100-105 vce CCNA certifications?

Exam Code: 100-105
Exam Name: Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)
Updated: Apr 26, 2017
Q&As: 239
Exam Information:

100-105 Vce Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2

Exam Number 100-105 ICND2
Associated Certifications CCNA Routing & Switching
Duration 90 Minutes (45-55 questions)
Available Languages English, Japanese
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100-105 vce

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Which three of the following steps can be taken to secure a BlackBerry device remotely if it has been activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose three.).
A. Reset the password and lock the BlackBerry device
B. Apply a more restrictive IT policy
C. Send a 911 notification to the service provider with the BlackBerry device PIN from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
D. Push disabled service books to the BlackBerry device
E. Perform a remote security wipe and disable the BlackBerry device

Correct Answer: ABE
By default, which three of the following options will delete all the user data on a BlackBerry device? (Choose three.)
A. Enter incorrect password 10 times
B. Use the Wipe command in BlackBerry Device Manager
C. Choose Wipe Handheld from general options in security settings
D. Uninstall any application from the Application Permissions menu
E. Use the application loader tool to install new BlackBerry device software

Correct Answer: ACE

A BlackBerry device user is trying to synchronize personal data and is receiving the following error: No applications configured for synchronization What might cause this error? (Choose one.)
A. The user MAPI profile is corrupt
B. Other synchronization software on the user computer has caused a conflict
C. The Synchronize application has not been installed in BlackBerry Desktop Manager
D. The user has not run through the configuration steps for the Synchronize application
E. Duplicate items in the user registry have caused a conflict

Correct Answer: D



Which three of the following steps occur during the wireless enterprise activation process? (Choose three.)
A. Service books are sent to the BlackBerry device from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
B. The BlackBerry device reboots after it has finished synchronizing all organizer data (PIM) items
C. An encryption key is negotiated between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry device
D. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server populates the PIN number of the BlackBerry device in the BlackBerry Administration Service
E. The BlackBerry device must be connected to the user computer to complete the last stage of the wireless enterprise activation process

Correct Answer: ACD



What happens after the BlackBerry device user has entered the enterprise activation information and selects Activate on the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. The BlackBerry Dispatcher Service contacts the BlackBerry device over the wireless network and negotiates an encryption key
B. The BlackBerry device submits an ETP.DAT email message directly to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
C. The BlackBerry device submits the enterprise activation data to the wireless network
D. The system administrator of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will receive a request to activate, which can either be accepted or denied
E. The BlackBerry device service books are verified by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Correct Answer: C



A BlackBerry device user notices email messages are being randomly deleted from the BlackBerry device only days after receiving them. The user is not active on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and does not use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize with the messaging client. What are two possible reasons the user email messages are being deleted? (Choose two.) 100-105 vce
A. The email messages database is corrupt
B. The BlackBerry device user does not have sufficient network coverage
C. The BlackBerry device is in a low memory state
D. The hosted mailbox has reached its storage limit
E. The email messages are being automatically filed and hidden

Correct Answer: AC



A user wants to connect a BlackBerry device to BlackBerry Desktop Manager using Bluetooth to synchronize. Which of the following are requirements? (Choose one.)
A. The computer must be running the Bluetooth software from the manufacturer of the Bluetooth adapter
B. The BlackBerry Bluetooth to USB driver must be installed on the computer
C. The BlackBerry device must have the Wireless Bypass service enabled
D. The BlackBerry device must have the Bluetooth Sync service enabled
E. The computer and the BlackBerry Device must have line of sight of each other

Correct Answer: C



When performing a backup of the BlackBerry device using the backup and restore tool in BlackBerry Desktop Manager, what is the file extension of the backup file that is created? (Choose one.)
A. .bak
B. .sav
C. .ipd
D. .fil
E. .tmp

Correct Answer: C



A BlackBerry device user activates with an incorrect password. What error message will be displayed on the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Incorrect password. Please try again.
B. An error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator.
C. Invalid email address or password.
D. Error.
E. Invalid login credentials.

Correct Answer: B
Which two of the following options is the BlackBerry device waiting to receive at the Waiting for services stage of the wireless enterprise activation? (Choose two.)
A. An IT Policy
B. Service books
C. PIM items from the messaging server
D. An encryption key
E. An ETP.DAT email message

Correct Answer: AB

Which of the following ports does the BlackBerry Enterprise Server use to communicate with the BlackBerry Infrastructure? (Choose one.)
A. Port 8080
B. Port 3100
C. Port 3001
D. Port 4101
E. Port 3101

Correct Answer: E



A BlackBerry device user reports that due to low memory on the BlackBerry device, the email messages, text messages and call logs are auto-deleting. In which two of the following ways can the application loader tool help this situation? (Choose two.)
A. Remove unneeded languages, videos and applications from the BlackBerry Installshield screen
B. Remove unneeded languages, videos and applications from the Device Application Selection screen
C. Use Device Data Options to delete all application data and installed applications
D. Use MemConfig to recover lost sectors and defrag BlackBerry device memory
E. Use BlackBerry MemRestore to recover lost sectors and defrag BlackBerry device memory

Correct Answer: BC

100-105 vce

The History of CCNA Routing and Switching

Several related anniversaries are happening around this same year (2016) in which Cisco has announced what is basically the 7th version of the CCNA R&S certification exams. The CCIE program has passed its 20-year mark back in 2013, with the CCNA and CCNP Routing and Switching certifications reaching their 20th anniversary coming up in 2018. The Cisco Networking Academy will hit it’s 20 year mark in 2017 I believe, and Cisco Press celebrates its 20 year anniversary here in 2016. So the timing seemed right for a look back at CCNA Routing and Switching, as well as CCENT. Along the way, I’ll try and clear up some terminology and references about the new 100-105 vce.

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