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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 200-155 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Acme Brick Company is experiencing significant growth and making rapid changes to its technology. The
increased number of support calls has impacted service levels. To solve the problem, management is
considering outsourcing, insourcing, or contracting for staff. In which situation should management choose
the “contracting for staff” option?
A. Management believes that call volumes will remain at the current levels for the next several years.
B. Management believes that dealing with support organization issues is distracting its attention and
ability to deliver new business applications.
C. Management is uncertain as to the support headcounts that will be needed in the months ahead, but it
is certain that increases are needed now.
D. Management believes that staffing loads have peaked and that things should slow down over the next
two weeks.
200-155 exam Correct Answer: C
Analysts play a large part in ensuring that the Help Desk provides consistent service to customers. Which
two regularly scheduled events ensure that your analysts provide consistent service? (Choose two.)
A. analyst focus groups
B. analyst training
C. analyst reviews
D. analyst interviews
Correct Answer: BC
Which two techniques are effective in preventing or eliminating customer conflict? (Choose two.)
A. maintaining normal voice modulation with the customer
B. matching voice modulation with the customer
C. empathizing with the customer during problem resolution
D. instructing the customer in problem resolution
200-155 dumps Correct Answer: AC
Call volume increases whenever a new release of software is deployed, causing an increase in the
Abandonment Rate. You have decided to increase staff for the new release scheduled to rollout in three
months. What helped you make your decision? (Choose two.)
A. change management
B. workforce scheduling
C. quality assurance
D. disaster recovery

E. trend analysis
Correct Answer: BE
Customer satisfaction surveys provide feedback on . (Choose two.)
A. corporate directives
B. how well you are fulfilling your mission
C. how to create levels of service that are negotiated and standardized
D. your Help Desk’s performance
200-155 pdf 
Correct Answer: BD
What are three ways to maintain a balanced and positive outlook when adapting to new situations,
priorities, or demands? (Choose three.)
A. identify trends in service, and then develop resources to meet those trends
B. concentrate on common goals during times of disagreement
C. develop interests outside of work to provide a stress-free zone
D. create a personal network of advisors with whom you can share problems and concerns
Correct Answer: BCD
What are two benefits of external outsourcing compared to contract staffing? (Choose two.)
A. fewer employee benefit issues
B. fewer management issues
C. the ability to easily extend the hours of support
D. the ability to handle peak periods associated with new technology rollouts
200-155 vce 
Correct Answer: BC
What should the Help Desk manager attend to in order to better understand the needs and feelings of
others? (Choose two.)
A. past performance problems
B. verbal communications
C. written documentation
D. non-verbal communications
Correct Answer: BD
Which two commonly used technologies provide near real-time feedback on organizational performance?
(Choose two.)
A. Call Management Systems
B. web
C. telephone
D. e-mail
E. broadcast messaging devices
200-155 exam 
Correct Answer: AE
Which topology describes devices connected across geographies?
Answer: C
What are two benefits of cache partitioning? (Choose two.)
A. It creates multiple virtual SANs within a physical SAN.
B. It dedicates resources to specific applications.
C. It improves response time for all applications.
D. It improves utilization of storage resources.
200-155 dumps 
Answer: B,D
Which backup and recovery factor does RTO represent?
A. RTO measures how long it takes to resume essential operations.
B. RTO measures productivity lost in the event of an outage.
C. RTO measures loss of production permissible when resuming after a disruption.
D. RTO measures the financial loss incurred due to an outage.
Answer: A
What are two IT issues faced by business organizations today? (Choose two.)
A. high storage management costs
B. excess data center capacity
C. lack of new data storage technology
D. cost-efficient allocation of storage resources
200-155 pdf 
Answer: A,D
What are two benefits provided by thin provisioning software? (Choose two.)
A. maximizing physical disk utilization
B. allocating disk capacity based on anticipated future needs
C. increased data security
D. segregating applications within their workspace
Answer: A,B

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