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Latest effective Cisco Specialist 700-260 Exam Practice Tests

Which three features, most related to the “Advanced Protection” use case, are designed to reduce
vulnerabilities while keeping the existing security investment? (Choose three.)
A. advanced content filters
B. scalable data center platforms
C. intrusion protection
D. customer choice
E. file retrospection
F. cloud storage capabilities
G. flexible deployment options
Correct Answer: CEF

Which three features do customers receive with smart licensing? (Choose three.)
A. PAK registration
B. company specific licensing
C. easy registration
D. manual registration
E. a complete view of software, services, and devices
F. products that have to be continually adjusted
Correct Answer: DEF

According to recent studies, which percentage of global companies have experienced a security breach?
A. 5%
B. 75%
C. 0%
D. 33%
E. 100%
Correct Answer: D

Which of the five integrated technology solutions deals with application-centric infrastructures?
A. unified access
B. Cisco TrustSec
C. Cisco Cyber Threat Defense
D. Cisco Secure Data Center
E. security as a service
Correct Answer: D

Which Cisco business value is represented by features of increased employee productivity, confidence in
data confidentiality, and increased visibility?
A. protection
B. completenessC. cost effectiveness
D. control
E. flexibility
Correct Answer: D

Why do partners often have a hard time selling their new security solutions to customers?
A. Customers boast completely secure environments.
B. Customers have antiquated solutions.
C. Customers have overcrowded portfolios of security solutions from multiple vendors
D. Customers show a lack of concern over malware and threats.
Correct Answer: C

How can sellers help customers during the adopt phase of the software lifecycle?
A. Anticipate future requirements and prepare accordingly.
B. Help customers manage their assets.
C. Develop an activation strategy and development plan.
D. Assist customers to become comfortable with their new software.
E. Identify new opportunities for services.
Correct Answer: E

Why do companies need quick-scalable secure data center visualization and cloud technology?
A. Provisioning time for data centers has decreased from 8 weeks to 15 minutes.
B. Competitors are gaining a 33% market share.
C. Staff cannot keep up with newer data center technology.
D. Administrators are allowing a growing number of BYOD devices.
E. Management is expected to decrease IT budgets by 25%.
F. 56% of employees who leave take private information with them.
Correct Answer: A

The fact that Cisco network security offers unmatched visibility and control of network and application
traffic is a prime example of which Cisco value?
A. Scalability
B. Time-to-value
C. Protection
D. Control
E. Flexibility
F. Agility
Correct Answer: D

Which response is correct if a customer wants to know how the Cisco Secure Access solution manages a
changing user base in a growing company?
A. Cisco architecture offers the lowest TCO by providing products that integrate together, lowering thecost of IT setup, management, and maintenance.
B. Cisco delivers a flexible and scalable security solution framework that can adapt to changing customer
C. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations integrate all security solutions, providing advanced protection
against new threats.
D. Cisco provides the ability to monitor and restrict application usage. As applications become more
complex. Cisco provides the flexibility to control all or subsets of the applications.
Correct Answer: B

Which two options are Cisco policy and access solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
B. Cisco Security Manager
C. email security
D. web security
E. Next-Generation Firewall
F. Advanced Malware Protection for endpoints
G. identity and access control
H. remote access VPN
Correct Answer: CD

Leveraging current infrastructures without buying new appliances and avoiding lengthy customizations are
examples of which customer cost saver?
A. Less time scoping a breach
B. Faster integration
C. Flexible licensing
D. Fewer resources to manage
Correct Answer: B

Which three options describe the main problems with traditional security solutions? (Choose three.)
A. Security gaps
B. Lack of firewall
C. Pieced together
D. Missing components
E. Fragmented solutions
F. Lack of management solutions
G. Lack of cloud solution
Correct Answer: ACE

Upon which component are security solutions directly built in the Cisco future solutions architecture
A. Security intelligence operations
B. Third-party applications
C. Management and intelligence capabilities
D. Cisco security platformsCorrect Answer: D

Which option would be a primary security concern of a large, growing corporation that is trying to scale its
data center growth with its growing business in the secure data center use case?
A. Inexperienced IT staff
B. Lack of scalable and flexible security options
C. No employee remote access
D. Lack of device variability
Correct Answer: B

Which customer cost saver leverages current infrastructures without buying new appliances and avoids
lengthy customizations?
A. faster integration
B. fewer resources to manage
C. flexible licensing
D. less time scoping a breach
Correct Answer: A

Which three options are Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions? (Choose three.)
A. malware protection
B. Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
C. identity and access control
D. cyber threat defense
E. web security
F. remote access VPN
G. network analytics
Correct Answer: CDG

Which Cisco security benefit is a differentiator that allows partners to plan and model their businesses?
A. Comprehensive vision for security
B. One solution to fit every need
C. Unparalleled commitment
D. Lowest price points
E. Best-in-class technologies
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco value is demonstrated by the fact that Cisco advanced threat solutions block emerging and
persisting threats quickly?
A. protection
B. control
C. agility
D. time-to-valueE. flexibility
F. scalability
Correct Answer: A

Which option would be the primary concern of a CIO who is focused on advanced protection in the
advanced protection use case?
A. Integrate solutions seamlessly
B. Onboard devices quickly
C. Expand into new markets
D. Reduce vulnerabilities
Correct Answer: D

According to recent studies, what percentage of global companies has experienced a security breach?
A. 100 percent
B. 75 percent
C. 33 percent
D. 5 percent
E. 0 percent
Correct Answer: C

Which customer cost saver provides centralized management and automatic updates?
A. fewer resources to manage
B. less time scoping a breach
C. faster integration
D. flexible licensing
Correct Answer: A

Centralized management and automatic updates are examples of which customer cost saver?
A. Faster integration
B. Flexible licensing
C. Fewer resources to manage
D. Less time scoping a breach
Correct Answer: C

Which feature of web security offers customers threat protection before an attack?
A. file retrospection
B. response and remediation
C. URL filtering
D. file sandboxing
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco network security solution helps protect against threats by monitoring and responding to any
network anomalies, continually analyzing for potential threats and reacting to them in real time?
A. Cisco Security Manager
B. Cisco ASA Firewall Services
C. Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services
D. Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
E. Cisco Web Security Appliance
F. Cisco Email Security Appliance
G. Cisco Identity Services Engine
H. Cisco Site-to-Site VPN
Correct Answer: D

Which feature of Cisco award-winning resources and support allows partners to create a unique
relationship with customers?
A. Be the first to receive new innovations.
B. Access 24-hour support around the world.
C. Earn higher margins on each deal sold.
D. Take advantage of incentives programs.
Correct Answer: B

Which Cisco business value is represented by features of scalable solutions and network adaptability?
A. protection
B. flexibility
C. control
D. completeness
E. cost effectiveness
Correct Answer: D

Which two options are business-use trends that have surfaced in the last five years, prompting a need for
nontraditional security methods? (Choose two.)
A. Substantial number of remote employees
B. Third-party applications
C. Partial URL and application blocking
E. Wi-Fi connections
F. Web and email attacks
Correct Answer: BF

Which component of NGFW and NGIPS security is updated after an attack to help prevent threats before
they encounter the network next time?
A. Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group
B. Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention SystemC. site-to-site VPN
D. identity and access control
E. Cisco Next-Generation Firewall
Correct Answer: D

In the “Advanced Protection” use case: at which stage of the threat continuum does a challenge due to
inconsistent threat containment tools occur?
A. during
B. before
C. along the entire attack continuum
D. after
Correct Answer: C

Which three options are Cisco Secure Access Control Server solutions? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Security Manager
B. Cisco ASA Firewall Services
C. Cisco Advanced Matware Protection
D. Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
E. Cisco Web Security Appliance
F. Cisco Email Security Appliance
G. Cisco Remote-Access VPN
H. Cisco Identity Services Engine
Correct Answer: CGH

Cutting IT administrative costs and leveraging current hardware are features that demonstrate which Cisco
business value?
A. Completeness
B. Cost effectiveness
C. Flexibility
D. Control
E. Protection
Correct Answer: B

Cisco web and email security integrates seamlessly with existing security and network infrastructures. Of
which Cisco value is this fact a prime example?
A. time-to-value
B. scalability
C. flexibility
D. agility
E. control
F. protection
Correct Answer: C

Which three options must a customer look for when choosing a security solution provider? (Choose three.)
A. delivers better partner and customer support
B. offers more than just niche products
C. is committed to security
D. generates higher margins on each sale
E. provides solutions at the lowest cost
F. prioritizes one security solution above all else
G. creates new market opportunities
Correct Answer: ABC

Utilizing the Cisco software lifecycle generates which two benefits for partners? (Choose two.)
A. Adaptable deployment
B. Software portability
C. Improved sales performance
D. Cisco incentives
E. Increased efficiencies
F. Sales promotions
G. Customer support
Correct Answer: CE

Which two options are benefits for selling Cisco Security Solutions? (Choose two.)
A. lower total cost of ownership
B. simplified solutions
C. partner referrals
D. opportunities for new revenue
E. incentives programs
Correct Answer: BD

Which two business use trends have surfaced in the last five years that require nontraditional security?
(Choose two.)
A. Wi-Fi connections
B. web and email attacks
C. third-party applications
D. partial URL/application blocking
E. substantial number of remote employees
Correct Answer: BE

Which licensing feature enables customers to better manage their software assets and optimize their IT
A. Cisco ONE
B. Smart AccountsC. Enterprise License Agreements
D. License Bundling
Correct Answer: B

Scalable solutions and network adaptability are features that demonstrate which Cisco business value?
A. Completeness
B. Flexibility
C. Control
D. Protection
E. Cost effectiveness
Correct Answer: B

Which is a prime example of a Cisco differentiator as Cisco leads the industry in email/web security,
network access: and is the number one market share in network security?
A. best-in-class technologies
B. lowest price points
C. comprehensive vision for security
D. unparalleled commitment
E. one solution to fit every need
Correct Answer: A

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