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Latest effective Cisco 700-501 Exam Practice Tests

When you design a customer network that is composed only of a pure Layer 2 switch and a router, which
feature should you enable to support communication among VLANs?
A. VLANs cannot communicate when only a router and a Layer 2 switch are used in the design.
B. Spanning Tree on the Layer 2 switch
C. Static routes on the Layer 2 switch
D. Trunking between the Layer 2 switch and the router
E. Uplink port aggregation on the router
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about Cisco CleanAir technology is true?
A. It features chiplevel proactive and automatic interference mitigation.
B. It features chiplevel proactive and automatic electronic beam forming.
C. It features automatic advanced radio frequency shaping.
D. It is a feature of the Cisco Aironet 1600 Series AP.
Correct Answer: A

Which three options can be connected directly to a Cisco Nexus switch? (Choose three.)
A. Token ring network
B. Storage area network
C. Server cluster
D. Local area network
E. 4G network
F. Wide area network
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two product portfolios help make up the FlexPod Express solution? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Nexus 5000
B. Cisco ISR 1900, 2900, and 3900 Series
C. Cisco UCS ESeries Servers
D. Cisco Nexus 3048 Switch
E. Cisco ISR 2900 and 3900 Series
F. Cisco UCS CSeries Server
Correct Answer: DF

Which three options are pillars of the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations? (Choose three.)
A. Dynamic updates
B. OpenBTS Database
C. Cloud base
D. Threat Operations Center
E. Sensor baseF. Manual updates
Correct Answer: ADE

Which Cisco web tool should partners consult who want presales advice on planning and deploying Cisco
Unified Computing deployments?
A. Cisco Plan Design Manage Help Desk
B. Cisco Customer Success Stories
C. Cisco TAC
D. Cisco Validated Designs
Correct Answer: D

Which three components are in Cisco ExpressPod? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Application Server Engine
B. Cisco UCS CSeries Servers
C. EMC Storage
D. HP Servers
E. NetApp Storage
F. Cisco Nexus Switches
G. Fujitsu Storage
Correct Answer: BEF

Which option is a competitive advantage of Cisco security solutions?
A. Lowest priced offering
B. Stateful firewall capability
C. SpeedNet services
D. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations
Correct Answer: D

Which three options are business benefits of increased reliability? (Choose three)
A. Protects revenue streams
B. Enhances career paths
C. Promotes independence
D. Increases business resilience
E. Reduces maintenance and network operation costs
F. Validates business decisions
Correct Answer: ACD

Your customer is considering migrating to a Cisco Borderless Routing solution from their current vendor.
Which best practice can close the sale?
A. Demonstrate how the Cisco solution saves money by consolidating devices and integrating
B. Mention that promotions and incentives are available through CiscoC. Go through a check list and compare the performance capabilities between Cisco and the other
D. Show the customer a Cisco television commercial.
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco tool provides scripted, repeatable presentations, and customized pilots in real time with real
A. FindIt
B. Cisco Commerce Workspace
C. Cisco Partner Education Connection
D. Cisco dCloud
E. Cisco Network Discovery
Correct Answer: D

Which two Cisco ISR series are needed to support a Cisco ServicesReady Engine to deploy services on
demand? (Choose two.)
A. 2900 Series
B. 2800 Series
C. 3900 Series
D. 800 Series
Correct Answer: AC

Which two benefits will customers achieve if they upgrade to a properly configured Cisco Borderless
Network? (Choose two.)
A. New application and service deployment is completely automated.
B. Network availability increases and downtime decreases
C. Security becomes less difficult to achieve.
D. All potential failures will be eliminated.
Correct Answer: BC

Which three options are customer benefits of implementing a Cisco Borderless switching solution?
(Choose three.)
A. Spanning Tree
B. Smart Install
C. Auto SmartPorts
D. Smart CallHome
E. Solarpowered
F. Uninterruptable power
Correct Answer: BCD

Which three options are competitive advantages of Cisco wireless solutions? (Choose three.)
A. Improved WLAN reliability is providedB. Integrated security with wireless threat detection and mitigation is provided.
C. Access points support only the centralized deployment model.
D. Simplified and intuitive WLAN management and troubleshooting are provided.
E. Access points support only the distributed deployment model
F. Management and administration via Cisco SIO make deployment easy.
Correct Answer: ABD

Which three options are opportunities for partners to introduce Cisco Meraki products to existing or
prospective customers? (Choose three.)
A. Free Cisco Meraki refurbished equipment
B. Cisco Meraki roadshow
C. Cisco Meraki equipment rental program
D. Webinars with a free AP for qualified attendees
E. Free mobile device management with Systems Manager
F. Free product trials
Correct Answer: DEF

Which wireless access point series supports Cisco ClientLink 2.0 and Cisco CleanAir, but does not
support clustering?
A. 300 Series
B. 1600 Series
C. 700 Series
D. 2600 Series
Correct Answer: D

Which design practice is the best to reduce wireless CCI?
A. Place adjacent access points on different channels.
B. Place adjacent access points on the same channel.
C. Eliminate all signal overlap between access points.
D. Configure access points with the lowest supported data rate.
E. Place adjacent access points on nonoverlapping channels.
Correct Answer: E

Which two characteristics describe a successful mobility installation? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Telepresence EX90 JS.
B. Growasyougo deployment.
C. Access to information by any user, from any location, from any device.
D. SMARTnet on every device.
Correct Answer: BC

Which three decision makers should you focus on when proposing Cisco architectural solutions? (Choose
three.)A. Individual contributors
B. Operations managers
C. Purchasing officers
D. Technical decision makers
E. Business decision makers
Correct Answer: ADE

Which three competitive advantages does the Cisco Unified Computing System provide? (Choose three.)
A. Ease of planning via the CSIM capacity modeling tool.
B. Supports only rack server models to reduce cost.
C. Greater virtual desktop density without performance impact.
D. Supports only blade server models to reduce system complexity.
E. Lower cost for compute plus network infrastructure.
F. Simple operation; start in minutes, scale in seconds.
Correct Answer: CEF

Which two customer characteristics indicate an opportunity for Cisco Meraki cloudmanaged networks?
(Choose two.)
A. Moving applications to the cloud.
B. Having distributed sites and a lean IT staff.
C. Requiring a high degree of flexibility and customization.
D. Having networking experts on site.
E. Implementing data center or large campus deployments.
Correct Answer: AB

Which two benefits are delivered by Cisco Telepresence? (Choose two.)
A. Collaboration Experience is integrated.
B. Large files can be delivered between locations.
C. User experiences are unified.
D. Any endpoint can be used.
Correct Answer: AC

Which option describes server virtualization?
A. Consolidation of multiple server workloads onto a smaller number of more powerful servers.
B. The aggregation of server workloads onto a smaller number of servers by running multiple server
operating systems directly on the shared hardware.
C. Reduction of onpremises server requirements through the elimination of low utilization servers and the
transition to a SaaS solution.
D. Consolidation of multiple server interface cards into a single network card that supports a large number
of virtual interfaces.
Correct Answer: B

When LAN connectivity is designed which option increases high availability and minimizes networkadministration?
A. integrated switch in WAN router
B. stacked switch design
C. multiple switch design
D. single external switch design
Correct Answer: B

Which three switching technology components distinguish Cisco from competing products? (Choose
A. Gigabit Ethernet
B. Flexible NetFlow
C. Medianet
D. Universal PoE
E. RSTP 802.1w
F. Multiprotocol Label Switching
Correct Answer: BCD

Which best practice should be used to calculate PoE requirements for Cisco collaboration endpoints?
A. Attach all endpoints first and then use a power reporting tool to document the power requirements.
B. Assume that all ports with PoE endpoints attached will require 7 watts.
C. Assume that all ports will require 15.4 watts regardless of attached endpoints.
D. Select the endpoint device that requires the most power and assume that all endpoint devices will
require the same amount.
E. Determine the power requirements of each of your endpoints and plan to support that amount.
Correct Answer: C

Which option is a function of the Cisco MultiGigabit Fabric in a Cisco ISR router?
A. Provides connectivity between Cisco EHWIC, PVDM3, SM, and ISM modules through the Backplane.
B. Provides connectivity only to the Cisco EHWIC modules.
C. Provides connectivity to the Cisco Nexus fabric switch through the uplink.
D. Provides connectivity to legacy interface modules.
E. Provides connectivity to the Cisco Enhanced EtherSwitch Service Module uplink ports.
Correct Answer: A

Which three customer challenges do Cisco architectures help to solve? (Choose three.)
A. Increase ROI
B. Reduce independence
C. Provide creative solutions
D. Lower costs
E. Boost productivity
Correct Answer: ACE

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