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Exam Code: 300-135
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks
Q&As: 118

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300-135 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-135 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Given a PHP value, which sample shows how to convert the value to JSON?
A. $string = json_encode($value);
B. $string = Json::encode($value);
C. $json = new Json($value); $string = $json->__toString();
D. $value = (object) $value; $string = $value->__toJson();
300-135 exam Correct Answer: A
Given a JSON-encoded string, which code sample correctly indicates how to decode the string to native
PHP values?
A. $json = new Json($jsonValue); $value = $json->decode();
B. $value = Json::decode($jsonValue);
C. $value = json_decode($jsonValue);
D. $value = Json::fromJson($jsonValue);
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following PHP values may NOT be encoded to a JavaScript literal using PHP’s ext/json
A. ‘Hello, world!’
B. function(){ alert(“Hello, world!”); }
C. array(‘Hello, world!’)
D. array(‘message’ => ‘Hello, world!’)
300-135 dumps Correct Answer: B
Which of the following will NOT instantiate a DateTime object with the current timestamp?
A. $date = new DateTime();
B. $date = new DateTime(‘@’ . time());
C. $date = new DateTime(‘now’);
D. $date = new DateTime(time());
Correct Answer: D
A new database is created with two tables, Client and Contracts. The only modification made on
the Relationships Graph is to establish a relationship between them which is set to delete related
records in Contracts when a record in Client is deleted.

What happens when the Client table occurrence is deleted from the Relationships Graph?
A. Since it is the only occurrence of the Client table on the graph, it can not be deleted.
B. Any records in the Contracts table that were related to matching Client records are deleted.
C. The formula in the calculation field Name Full (defined as Name First & ” ” & Name Last) will be
D. Any records in the Contracts table that were related to matching Client records will have values
in the client id field deleted.
300-135 pdf Answer: C
Consider two FileMaker files, Collection and Item, where tables from Item are included in the
Relationships Graph of Collection.
Which method will preserve all functionality in the Relationships Graph of Collection after
renaming the Item file to Artifact?

A. Choose File > Manage > External Data Sources… for Collection and reset the file path
B. Click the Repair Reference button in the Relationships Graph for Collection and reset the file
C. Delete referenced Item table occurrences in the Relationships Graph for Collection andrecreate
them for Artifact
D. Select referenced Item table occurrences in the Relationships Graph for Collection and right
click to choose Rename File Source…
Answer: A
Which two FileMaker Pro 12 objects will display data contents even when unrelated to the current
layout’s table occurrence? (Choose two.)
A. Merge variable
B. Indexed tirnestarnp field
C. A text field from a shadow table
D. Globally stored number field placed in a portal
E. A container field defined with the Store as reference only option enabled
300-135 vce Answer: A,D
Given the following relationship graph:
Without inspecting the data, what is known about this database?
A. The Event table occurrence references a table from an external ODBC Data Source
B. There can be zero or one, but no more than one, Event record related to any Task record.
C. The corner arrows indicate all three table occurrences reference tables from external data
D. From a layout based on the Event table occurrence, a portal could be drawn showing both
related Task and Volunteer data.
Answer: D
Which two features of FileMaker Pro 12 require indexing in order to work? (Choose two.)
A. The List function
B. Auto-complete using existing values
C. Dynamic value lists based on FileMaker tables
D. Dynamic subsummary reports in Browse mode
E. The ExecuteSQL calculation function with a JOIN in the query
300-135 exam Answer: B,C
Which statement is true of a container field set to Store container data externally in FileMaker Pro
A. The field cannot have the Interactive content option selected in the Inspector in Layout mode.
B. Data will not be stored externally if the file is transferred to an iOS device and used via
FileMaker Go 12.
C. Externally stored container data will not be backed up by FileMaker Server 12 scheduled
backup routines.
D. Externally stored container data can be stored on a local hard drive or a Storage Area Network
(SAN) device, but cannot be stored on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.
Answer: B

Given the following Relationships Graph for a FileMaker Pro 12 database, where Employee,
Manager, and Trainer are all table occurrences sharing the same source table:

Assuming the relevant fields also exist in these tables, which two sets of data can be shown in
portals without modifying the graph? (Choose two.)
A. A portal of students that have not enrolled in a class
B. A portal of trainers that have taught their own manager
C. A portal of the classes that have been attended by a manager’s team
D. A portal showing a non-repeating list of courseware titles taught by a trainer
E. A portal of classes in which a manager enrolled with one or more of the manager’s team
300-135 dumps Answer: C,D
For which two is it possible to specify conditional formatting? (Choose two.)
A. A Tab panel
B. The body part of a layout
C. The title of a chart object
D. A merge symbol (e.g. « CurrrentDate »)
E. An inserted graphic formatted as a button
F. A rectangle object being used as a graphical background
Answer: A,D

Which statement is true regarding layout themes in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. A Touch theme (e.g. River Touch) must be used for a layout to be compatible with iOS devices.
B. Changing a layout to the Classic theme of the Basic theme group will leave all objects and their
styles unaffected.
C. The style attributes for a new object (e.g. field or text box) added to a layout will be determined
by the layout part in which it is created
D. Changing a layout’s theme will optionally update all layouts sharing the same original theme by
choosing Update matching layouts in the Change Theme dialog.
E. Holding down the Control (Windows) or Command (Mac OS X) keys while clicking the Apply
theme styles button of the Inspector, the object styles of the currently selected object will be
applied to all objects of the same type on the layout.
300-135 pdf Answer: C
Which statement is true regarding layout objects in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. Along with line styles, corner radius settings are set individually for each tab panel in a tab
B. Fill patterns can only be applied to shapes (i.e. rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ovals) in
Layout mode.
C. A text object set as a field’s Label using the Accessibility Inspector is automatically grouped
with the field.
D. Object Effects (Engraved, Embossed, and Drop Shadow) can only be applied to fields, buttons,
or text objects.
E. An object Name set using the Inspector is the same as the object Title set using the
Accessibility Inspector and can be edited in either place.
Answer: A

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