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2018 July Pass4itsure IBM C2010-595 Dumps Actual Test(1-26)
Which statement is true about flow control?
A. A flow action can be executed from an escalation point.
B. A flow action cannot be selected unless the work order is under flow control.
C. A task cannot be under flow control unless the work order is under flow control.
D. A flow action cannot be selected for a task unless the work order is under flow control.
C2010-595 exam Correct Answer: B

When would a classification be copied in to a follow-up work order from a Service Request (SR)?
A. when the classification has children
B. when the classification has attributes
C. when the inherit hierarchy flag is selected
D. when the classification includes both the work order and SR Use With objects
Correct Answer: D

Which two fields are mandatory when creating a new labor reporting transaction?
A. Type
B. Asset
C. Vendor
D. Location
E. Regular Hours
C2010-595 dumps Correct Answer: AE

Which two frequency criteria are used when a master preventive maintenance record is created?
A. job plan
B. time based
C. meter based
D. failure trends
E. calendar based
Correct Answer: BC

Which combination of inventory costing is valid?
A. last-in first-out (LIFO) and first-in last-out (FILO)
B. last-in first-out (LIFO) and first-in first-out (FIFO)
C. first-in last-out (FILO) and last-in first-out (LIFO)
D. first-in last-out (FILO) and first-in first-out (FIFO)
C2010-595 pdf Correct Answer: B

Which application is used to add items to a storeroom?
A. Inventory
B. Receiving
C. Storerooms
D. Item Master
Correct Answer: D

The Item Assembly Structure can be used to create which two types of lists?
A. Items to be added to a kit
B. Spare parts for the given item
C. Manufacturers for the given item
D. Where Used assets for the given item
E. Storeroom hierarchies for the given item
C2010-595 vce Correct Answer: AC

A company has five sites within one organization in their system. They want to activate automatic generation of work
orders for three of their sites. Which option can help to achieve this?
A. Work Orders are automatically generated for each active site.
B. From the Preventive Maintenance application select Generate Work Orders for all Sites.
C. Preventive maintenance options must be set up to auto-generate work orders at the site level.
D. Preventive maintenance options must be set up to auto-generate work orders at the organization level.
Correct Answer: D

How can a rotating asset be returned to a storeroom?
A. use the Inventory Application
B. use the Storerooms Application
C. use the Inventory Usage Application
D. use the Shipment Receiving Application
C2010-595 exam Correct Answer: A

How should a user create an association between items and an asset?
A. Go to the Assets application and from the Items tab, add the items.
B. Go to the Assets application and from the Spare Parts tab. add the items.
C. Go to the Assets application and from the Select Action menu, choose Associate Items.
D. Go to the Assets application and from the Select Action menu, choose Add/Modify Asset.
Correct Answer: C

On an existing classification, one of the attributes has a value in the Inherited From field. What does this mean?
A. The attribute is associated with a classification that is higher up in the hierarchy.
B. The attribute is associated with a classification that is lower down in the hierarchy.
C. Any new attributes on this classification will inherit the same configuration as this attribute.
D. The attribute will automatically inherit values from a template when the classification is assigned to a record.
C2010-595 dumps Correct Answer: A

When is a labor transaction displayed in the Labor Reporting application?
A. When a work order is closed.
B. When a work order is approved.
C. When the actual labor is entered for a work order.
D. When the planned labor is entered for a work order.
Correct Answer: C

What are the three components that are used to construct a failure hierarchy within a failure class?
A. Fixes
B. Causes
C. Incidents
D. Problems
E. Remedies
F. Corrections
C2010-595 pdf Correct Answer: BDE

Which statement is true about rotating items?
A. Rotating items are consumable parts.
B. Rotating items cannot be returned for repair.
C. Rotating items can only be installed at a location.
D. Rotating items can have an inventory value and balance.
Correct Answer: D

What are three valid Job Plan task components?
A. Tools
B. Labor
C. Routes
D. Materials
E. Contracts
F. Schedules
C2010-595 vce Correct Answer: BDF

What action is required prior to approving a new purchase contract?
A. Revise the contract.
B. Change the line status.
C. Authorize at least one site.
D. No further action is required to approve the contract.
Correct Answer: C

If a user has a requirement to create a list of regularly occurring faults that affect assets or operating locations, their causes and possible fixes, which application should be used to achieve this?
A. Safety Plans
B. Failure Codes
C. Ticket Templates
D. Activities and Tasks
C2010-595 exam Correct Answer: D

To which file format can report data be exported?
Correct Answer: AD

If a UFO request requires more than one transaction to satisfy the quantity, which cost will be displayed for the work order record?
A. Lesser
B. Greater
C. Average
D. Standard
C2010-595 dumps Correct Answer: C

Which two options are available when choosing to e-mail scheduled reports from the Request page?
A. Recurring
B. Immediate
C. Scheduled
D. On-Demand
E. At this Time
Correct Answer: AD

What is the purpose of the Reorder Point when its value is reached?
A. A special order item is reordered.
B. The vendor is contacted for shipment.
C. The inventory item should be reordered.
D. The automatic reorder process is scheduled.
C2010-595 pdf Correct Answer: D

What is the result of selecting the Display Settings link from the Start Center screen?
A. screen resizing options for the Start Center
B. customized menu options for the Start Center
C. customized portlet options for the Start Center
D. templates that can be displayed in the Start Center
Correct Answer: D

When adding a new attribute to a classification, which data type option is invalid?
C2010-595 vce Correct Answer: C

A list of 300 new pieces of non-rotating assets need to be quickly added into a system. In addition to adding each of these new records, each piece of equipment must be given its own sequential asset number. What application should be used to do this?
A. Inventory
B. Equipment
C. Item Master
D. Asset Templates
Correct Answer: D

A meter has been defined to observe the oil color on an asset to monitor its condition. Which meter type was used to accomplish this?
A. Group meter
B. Gauge meter
C. Continuous meter
D. Characteristic meter
C2010-595 exam Correct Answer: D

What is the purpose of a ticket template?
A. To save the details of a record
B. To route a service request through a standard business process
C. To efficiently populate common, high-volume service request fields
D. To automatically apply Service Level Agreements to service requests
Correct Answer: B

Exam Code: C2010-595
Exam Name: IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Fundamentals
Q&As: 92

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