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CompTIA SY0-401 dumps is a fast-growing system and a major player in the industry. At pass4itsure.com, we have a completely customer oriented policy. Thus, acquiring CompTIA SY0-401 dumps certification not only builds an enormous credibility for any IT professional but also opens better job opportunities for them. The SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ has developed its CompTIA Security+ certification as an intermediate certification for individuals who want to further their careers involving CompTIA.

The exam validates that an individual has the skills necessary to install, operate, and troubleshoot a CompTIA Security+ system and is familiar with SY0-401 – specific concepts and basic hardware. This article will focus on SY0-401 exam. Pass4itsure SY0-401 dumps consists all the necessary tools and information to help you pass CompTIA certification exam. Pass4itsure can help people maintain their livelihoods are basis of good quality education and specialized certification in this competitive contemporary world. The SY0-401 exam focuses mainly on CompTIA SY0-401 System Startup and Security Administration, Security Management, and .

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In this competitive society, being good at something is able to take up a large advantage, especially in the IT industry. Gaining some IT authentication certificate is very useful. It is specialized in nature and the people should know about it. If you want to test your skill and like to use your certification in the process of recruitment, pass4itsure SY0-401 dumps is your option. While CompTIA SY0-401 dumps exam is very difficult to pass, so in order to pass the CompTIA certification SY0-401 dumps exam a lot of people spend a lot of time and effort to learn the related knowledge, but in the end most of them do not succeed.

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To get the most out of the CompTIA Security+ ​Study Guide and be able to prepare for your exam you should have successfully passed the CompTIA Network+ certification exam and have acquired 24 months of experience in networking support and IT administration. We also recommend the following skills and knowledge before starting this course:
Use a keyboard and mouse.

  • Know the function and basic features of PC components.
  • Able to use Windows to create and manage files and use basic administrative features (Explorer, Control Panel and Management Consoles).
  • Know basic network terminology and functions (such as OSI Model, topology, Ethernet, TCP/IP, switches and routers).
  • Understand TCP/IP addressing, core protocols and troubleshooting tools.

2018 May Pass4itsure CompTIA SY0-401 Dumps Actual Test(1-20)

Which of the following is built into the hardware of most laptops but is not setup for centralized management by default?
A. Whole disk encryption
B. TPM encryption
C. USB encryption
D. Individual file encryption
SY0-401 exam Correct Answer: B

Which of the following can BEST help prevent cross-site scripting attacks and buffer overflows on a production system?
A. Input validation
B. Network intrusion detection system
C. Anomaly-based HIDS
D. Peer review
Correct Answer: A

An administrator needs to submit a new CSR to a CA. Which of the following is a valid FIRST step?
A. Generate a new private key based on AES.
B. Generate a new public key based on RSA.
C. Generate a new public key based on AES.
D. Generate a new private key based on RSA.
SY0-401 dumps Correct Answer: D

A security audit identifies a number of large email messages being sent by a specific user from their company email account to another address external to the company. These messages were sent prior to a company data breach, which prompted the security audit. The user was one of a few people who had access to the leaked data. Review of the suspect\’s emails show they consist mostly of pictures of the user at various locations during a recent vacation. No suspicious activities from other users who have access to the data were discovered. Which of the following is occurring?
A. The user is encrypting the data in the outgoing messages.
B. The user is using steganography.
C. The user is spamming to obfuscate the activity.
D. The user is using hashing to embed data in the emails.
Correct Answer: B

A security administrator wants to ensure that the message the administrator sends out to their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) does not get changed in route. Which of the following is the administrator MOST concerned with?
A. Data confidentiality
B. High availability
C. Data integrity
D. Business continuity
SY0-401 pdf Correct Answer: C

Which of the following will help prevent smurf attacks?
A. Allowing necessary UDP packets in and out of the network
B. Disabling directed broadcast on border routers
C. Disabling unused services on the gateway firewall
D. Flash the BIOS with the latest firmware
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following would be used as a secure substitute for Telnet?
SY0-401 vce Correct Answer: A

A CRL is comprised of.
A. Malicious IP addresses.
B. Trusted CA\’s.
C. Untrusted private keys.
D. Public keys.
Correct Answer: D

A company requires that all users enroll in the corporate PKI structure and digitally sign all emails. Which of the following are primary reasons to sign emails with digital certificates? (Select TWO)
A. To establish non-repudiation
B. To ensure integrity
C. To prevent SPAM
D. To establish data loss prevention
E. To protect confidentiality
F. To establish transport encryption
SY0-401 exam Correct Answer: BE

The chief Risk officer is concerned about the new employee BYOD device policy and has requested the security department implement mobile security controls to protect corporate data in the event that a device is lost or stolen. The level of protection must not be compromised even if the communication SIM is removed from the device. Which of the following BEST meets the requirements? (Select TWO)
A. Asset tracking
B. Screen-locks
C. GEO-Tracking
D. Device encryption
SY0-401 dumps Correct Answer: AD

A Chief Security Officer (CSO) has been unsuccessful in attempts to access the website for a potential partner (www.example.net). Which of the following rules is preventing the CSO from accessing the site? Blocked sites: *.nonews.com, *.rumorhasit.net, *.mars?
A. Rule 1: deny from inside to outside source any destination any service smtp
B. Rule 2: deny from inside to outside source any destination any service ping
C. Rule 3: deny from inside to outside source any destination {blocked sites} service http- https
D. Rule 4: deny from any to any source any destination any service any
SY0-401 pdf Correct Answer: C

During an application design, the development team specifics a LDAP module for single sign-on communication with the company\’s access control database. This is an example of which of the following?
A. Application control
B. Data in-transit
C. Identification
D. Authentication
Correct Answer: D

Acme Corp has selectively outsourced proprietary business processes to ABC Services. Due to some technical issues, ABC services wants to send some of Acme Corp\’s debug data to a third party vendor for problem resolution. Which of the following MUST be considered prior to sending data to a third party?
A. The data should be encrypted prior to transport
B. This would not constitute unauthorized data sharing
C. This may violate data ownership and non-disclosure agreements
D. Acme Corp should send the data to ABC Services\’ vendor instead
SY0-401 vce Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is the default port for TFTP?
A. 20
B. 69
C. 21
D. 68
Correct Answer:B

Users can authenticate to a company\’s web applications using their credentials from a popular social media site. Which of the following poses the greatest risk with this integration?
A. Malicious users can exploit local corporate credentials with their social media credentials
B. Changes to passwords on the social media site can be delayed from replicating to the company
C. Data loss from the corporate servers can create legal liabilities with the social media site
D. Password breaches to the social media site affect the company application as well
SY0-401 exam Correct Answer: D

Pete, a security auditor, has detected clear text passwords between the RADIUS server and the authenticator. Which of the following is configured in the RADIUS server and what technologies should the authentication protocol be changed to?
Correct Answer:A

A UNIX administrator would like to use native commands to provide a secure way of connecting to other devices remotely and to securely transfer files. Which of the following protocols could be utilized? (Select TWO).
SY0-401 dumps Correct Answer:DE

A new hire wants to use a personally owned phone to access company resources. The new hire expresses concern about what happens to the data on the phone when they leave the company. Which of the following portions of the company\’s mobile device management configuration would allow the company data to be removed from the device without touching the new hire\’s data?
A. Asset control
B. Device access control
C. Storage lock out
D. Storage segmentation
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following allows an organization to store a sensitive PKI component with a trusted third party?
A. Trust model
B. Public Key Infrastructure
C. Private key
D. Key escrow
SY0-401 pdf Correct Answer: D

Everyone in the accounting department has the ability to print and sign checks. Internal audit has asked that only one group of employees may print checks while only two other employees may sign the checks. Which of the following concepts would enforce this process?
A. Separation of Duties
B. Mandatory Vacations
C. Discretionary Access Control
D. Job Rotation
Correct Answer: A

Exam Code: SY0-401
Exam Name: CompTIA Security+ Certification
Q&As: 1776
The CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide includes:

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The printed version comes as 2 separate textbooks – the CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide for the Security+ certification exam SY0-401, as well as 1 Classroom Labs book, which will guide you through hands-on exercises and practice.

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