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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

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210-260 dumps

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13.Network topology exhibit
You want hide all localnet and DMZ hosts behind the Enforcemenet Module, except for the HTTP Server ( The HTTP Server will be providing public services, and must be accessible from the Internet. Select the two BEST Network Address Translation (NAT) solutions for this scenario,
A. To hide Local Network addresses, set the address translation for
B. To hide Local Network addresses, set the address translation for
C. Use automatic NAT rule creation to hide both DMZ and Local Network.

D. To hide Local Network addresses, set the address translation for privatenet.
E. Use automatic NAT rule creation, to statically translate the HTTP Server address.
210-260 exam Answer: C, E
14.The SmartDefense Storm Center Module agent receives the Dshield.org Block List, and:
A. Populates CPDShield with blocked address ranges, every three hours.
B. Generates logs from rules tracking internal traffic.
C. Submits the number of authentication failures, and drops, rejects, and accepts.
D. Generates regular and compact log digest.
E. Populates the firewall daemon with log trails.
Answer: A
15.What are the advantages of central licensing? Choose three.
A. Only the IP address of a SmartCenter Server is needed for all licences.
B. A central licence can be removed from one Enforcement Module, and installe don
another Enforcement Module.
C. Only the IP address of an Enforcement Module is needed for all licences.
D. A central license remains valid, when you change the IP address of an Enforcemente Module.
E. A central license can be converted into a local license.
210-260 dumps Answer: A, B, D
16.A security Administrator wants to review the number of packets accepted by each of the Enforcement modules. Which of the following viewers is the BEST source for viewing this information?
A. SmartDashboard
B. SmartUpdate
C. SmartMap
D. SmartView Status
E. SmartView Tracker
Answer: D
17.Hidden (or masked) rules are used to:
A. Hide rules from administrators with lower privileges.
B. View only a few rules, without distraction of others.
C. Temporarily disable rules, without having to reinstall the Security Policy.
D. Temporarily convert specifically defined rules to implied rules.
E. Delete rules, without having to reinstall the Security Policy.
210-260 pdf Answer: B

18.Which of the following characteristics BEST describes the behaviour of Check Point NG with Application Intelligence?
A. Traffic not expressly permitted is prohibited.
B. All traffic is expressly permitted by explicit rules.
C. Secure connections are authorized by default. Unsecured connectdions are not.
D. Traffic is filtered using controlled ports.
E. TELNET, HTTP; and SMTP are allowed by default.
Answer: A
19.SmartUpdate CANNOT be used to:
A. Track installed versions of Check Point and OPSEC products.
B. Manage licenses centrally.
C. Update installed Check Point and OPSEC software remotely, from a centralized location.
D. Uninstall Check Point and OPSEC software remotely, from a centralized location.
E. Remotely install NG with Application Intelligence for the first time, on a new machine.
210-260 vce Answer: E
20.Which of the following statements about Client Authentication is FALSE?
A. In contrast to User Authentication that allows access per user. Client Authentication allows access per IP address.
B. Client Authentication is more secure than User Authentication, because it allows multiple users and connections from an authorized IP address or host.
C. Client Authentication enables Security Administrators to grant access privileges to a specific IP address, after successful authentication.
D. Authentication is by user name and password, but it is the host machine (client) that is granted access.
E. Client Authentication is not restricted to a limited set of protocols.
Answer: B
21.Why is Application Layer particularly vulnerable to attacks? Choose three
A. Malicious Java, ActiveX, and VB Scripts can exploit host system simply by browsing.
B. The application Layer performs access-control and legitimate-use checks.
C. Defending against attacks at the Application Layer is more difficult, than at lower layers of the OSI model.
D. The Application Layer does not perform unauthorized operations.
E. The application Layer supports many protocols.
210-260 exam Answer: A, C, E

22.You have created a rule that requires users to be authenticated, when connecting to the Internet using HTTP. Which is the BEST authentication method for users who must use specific computers for Internet access?
A. Client
B. Session
C. User
Answer: A
23.What function does the Active mode of SmartView Tracker perform?
A. It displays the active Security Policy.
B. It displays active Security Administrators currently logged into a SmartCenter Server.
C. It displays current active connections traversing Enforcement Modules.
D. It displays the current log file, as it is stored on a SmartCenter Server.
E. It displays only current connections between VPN-1/FireWall-1 modules.
210-260 dumps Answer: C
24.You are importing product data from modules, during a VPN-1/Firwall-1 Enforcement Module upgrade. Which of the following statements are true? Choose two.
A. Upgrading a single Enforcement Module is recommended by Check Point, since there is no chance of mismatch between installed product versions.
B. SmartUpdate queries license information, from the SmartConsole runging locally on the Enforcement Module.
C. SmartUpdate queries the SmartCenter Server and Enforcement Module for product information.
D. If SmartDashboard and all SmartConsoles must be open during input, otherwise the product-data retrieval process will fail
Answer: A, C
25.Which if the following components functions as the Internal Certificate Authority for all modules in the VPN-1/FireWall-1 configuration?
A. Enforcement Module
C. SmartCenter Server
D. SmartConsole
E. Policy Server
210-260 pdf Answer: C
26.Which of the following is NOT a security benefit of Check Point’s Secure Internal Communications (SIC)?

A. Generates VPN certificates for IKE clients.
B. Allows the Security Administrator to confirm that the Security Policy on an Enforcement Module came from an authorized Management Server.
C. Confirms that a SmartConsole is authorized to connect a SmartCenter Server
D. Uses SSL for data encryption.
E. Maintains data privacy and integrity.
Answer: A

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